nails on a tuesday morning

by Morganvsmorgan

Got bored of my minimalist streak of one-coloured nails, but still wanted something simple, sleek & easy to maintain.

Fairly easy to create – I used Sephora Ultra Brilliance Top Coat as a base coat, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nailpolish in “Bamboo Shoot” as the base nude colour – it’s the perfect nude colour for my skintone; it’s slightly pink toned & offsets my olive undertones. I then mattified it with Essie “Matte about you” mattifying top coat. I used Ulta3 nailpolish in “Envy” for the gold – a $2 pharmacy nailpolish, its a really pretty silver-rose gold blend; Painting it to just over half the nail, trying to make the line as straight as possible. For the black line to neaten it up and also stop it looking as though my nailpolish was just ‘growing out’ from a distance, I used L.A Colours Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer in Black’. It’s a thinner nailpolish with a tiny brush, but you can just buy thin nail art brushes ridiculously cheap off ebay, or use a toothpick or even a bent out of shape bobby pin/paperclip depending on the design.

Notes: I swear by topcoats in keeping your nailpolish lasting longer, but since half the design was matte I didn’t use one here. If you can’t use a topcoat, trying to extend the nailpolish under the tip of your nail, and doing thin layers of nailpolish and letting them dry in between should make your nailpolish last longer. I always do my nails while typing assignments/doing research/messing around online because I can let my nails dry for a long time between coats & not get bored or be wasting alot of time.