The Lazy Man’s T-shirt diy

by Morganvsmorgan

This is how I get boys.....

Lets start off with the catalyst for the last however-many-hours spent on my floor, clutching scissors and scraps of t-shirt. I hate the gap in design and affordability between women’s and men’s shirts. I hate when you see a design on a men’s shirt that you can’t for a female. I’m the type of person who when faced with an issue like this  defiantly mumbles excuses as to why I should buy it anyways….. I could make it work….tailor it….I could cut the pattern out and attach it to something else – I could one day outfit a male in impeccable style- I could one day become a male as a result of a freak accident and would therefore appreciate past-me’s thoughtful purchases....Whatever. I buy the shirts.

So this is for other like-minded females, or males with shirts too big or not bad-ass enough for them (or any other genders, they wear shirts too) : a small collection of shirts I’ve butchered in the simplest and laziest, no-sewing-necessary way.

Firstly, the fringe- cut shirt $5, Cotton On Mens:
 Takes a little bit longer than just hacking off the bottom, but gives extra interest, & is more fun to twirl in. You could  use a ruler to mark out points to cut for perfectly equal strips – but thats not the point of a lazy diy. Just cut in straight lines. If you don’t like the wider ends at the bottom, cut off the hem first.  Easy like your sister. I’m sorry, rude.

The old school t shirt. $3, thrift store. I bought this in a thrift store months ago for its gaudy but somehow really pretty raised fabric-paint design. As a bigger shirt, it was awkward fitting but as a crop cut it manages to be a bit cute. I’m keeping the sleeves full length because they’re reminiscent of a child’s shirt that way; even cuter. A simple hack job goes a long way.

Two more simple hack jobs – a guy’s transformers shirt (Jayjays, $5) I bought for the design, and a Joe’s Crab Shack charity t-shirt ($10) bought while on a family holiday in America. Both now cut at the perfect length to just show off a tiny bit of skin between hips and waist.

Two more guy’s shirts awaiting renovation…both $5 Cotton on Mens. Shopping guy’s tees is wayyyy wayyy cheaper….