xmas in october

by Morganvsmorgan

Can we talk Christmas here for a minute? (Can i then illustrate this entire post with shitty paint drawings? Yes I can)

It's my crappily drawn diagram, if I want to draw myself with bigger tits I will, bitches.

Its a conversation had every year around this time – why are christmas decorations/ lollies/ wrapping paper already in stores by the start of October? Every year I hear at least one person confused as to why anyone would have use for christmas stock two months in advance. Surely noone is actually that organised. Admittedly, seeing people buying christmas stock around this time confuses me a little, and I tend to spend time thinking up any possible explanations. Do they have to post presents to a different country with a long delivery time? Legit. Do they just have a thing for certain christmas themed candy? Also legit; I doubt I’m the only hoarder of Creme Eggs come easter season. Do they decorate months early and have an entire christmas month? Not legit, but awesome. Decorate randomly one night just to confuse their children and dissapoint them just for kicks? Terrible. But hilarious.

Kinda like this, but perhaps with more consistency in characters IRL.

This is why I don’t have children.

However, I digress. I’m starting to think that maybe the people who buy this shit early know something I don’t know. Like maybe if I bought my presents for everyone early, I’d spend more time being excited for christmas (& my birthday, which happens to be on the same day) and less time running around stressed trying to get everything ready on time. Like if I had everything ready early I could spend more time with the family & friends, and not be freaking out about the massive amount of money spent in a small time period inconveniently just before the boxing day sales.


So this year, I’m starting trawling etsy for my mum, my sister & friends. Compiling my own wishlist early, including what I’m buying myself (self love, it’s legit) and the boyfriend/brother & dad (seriously though, why are boys so hard to shop for?!) & taking the stress out of what should just be a fun, ridiculous holiday month.

There’ll be a few xmas posts coming up – gift ideas I’ve come across searching for my xmas haul(if you’re even more shit at present buying than I am; in which case HAHAHA. sorry.) & a post regarding whether wearing novelty xmas items is appropriate (spoiler : IT IS. fuck  THA haterzzz!!!1) .

Over & Out.