Porcupine Phone

by Morganvsmorgan

Now I’ll just be straight up & say I often get cravings for unnecessary, impractical (& if I’m really honest, just plain inconvenient) things. Currently I want a pet snake despite being
a) afraid of snakes,
b) not having a reptile licence
c) without anywhere to put it
d)in a house  with two cats & a dog.

& yet I still see it as being a legitimately happening future event- I can see myself getting hours of amusement out of just casually having it on my shoulder when my friends/the postman/sister’s friends visit and just pretending I didn’t notice it was there. But I digress.

Given the completely impractical nature of my pet dreams, when I decided I wanted a spiked phone case, no one was to surprised.  It’s certainly not a new idea-


[Clockwise starting at biggest picture : 1.via BleachBlack. 2. via Bubble Dreams. 3. via New taste Mag.]
The Bubble Dreams picture (number 2 ) was the first one I saw and the one that inspired me most to own a spiked phone case  –  I liked the random, messy placement of the spikes and the over the top rhinestones.

I’m not going to do a step by step diy- but honestly, you don’t need one. The case I used was a nice, thick, $1.00 silicone case from ebay. If you’re going to use studs, buy a silicone case and pierce it – don’t just glue the studs down. It’s messy, takes longer & is less secure. If you’re worried about the backs of the studs/spikes scratching your phone- cover the inside with something like electrical tape. I’ll be honest, I was so keen to get it on my phone that I didn’t bother.

I used screw-spikes, so the thicker backing meant I had to pre-pierce the silicone. A metal skewer would have been perfect for this, but I couldn’t find one so I used the thickest pin I could find.

For the studs, which have press down backs, a skewer would probably be too big, so I’d use a pin if you wanted to pre-pierce – but I ended up just pushing the backings through the silicone.

Pliers are probably a good idea just for pressing down the back of the studs, if you can get your hands on them. Depending on the stud you can press with your fingers/nails but it can get painful after a while.

Final product -I originally had rhinestones, ankh charms and bits of chain to attach, but decided I liked this more simplistic silver-on-black look as-is. I love this case. I love the confused look on people’s faces and the fact it can stand on its legs like a little creature (not intentional). In my opinion, it makes it nicer to hold, as I purposely left spaces between tall spikes for finger-grip.

tall spikes hurt if you sit on them/grab them too hard/rest them on your shoulder while engaging in a phone call…be careful with your phone!
2.  this case will not fit in your pocket, so use it on days when you have your whole bag with you.
3. I wouldn’t use this case in airports, or clubs, or anywhere where it could be seen as a weapon. Because honestly, it could do some damage.
4. I wouldn’t even use this while drunk – because knowing me, I’d probably KO myself.
5. if you’re too lazy to make one yourself – plenty of people are selling them! Bleachblack is supposedly selling their spiked case, & there’s plenty studded ones on ebay. google it – but be aware that most cater to the iphones specifically 😦

Let me know what you think of spiked phone cases & link me if you make one yourself!