Helping your loved ones – is it ALWAYS worth it?

by Morganvsmorgan

Put it this way – everyone wants to help the ones they love. We want them to be happy, do the right thing, have a good life, and we are willing to put in massive amounts of time, effort and energy to make this happen. But sometimes we need to suck it up and accept the fact that some people don’t want to be helped. And if they don’t want to be helped, all your time, effort & energy means absolutely NOTHING.

Its not a nice realisation to come to that your loved one doesn’t want help. But some people want to be unhappy. Some people just want excuses to be unhappy.  Excuses to have people feel sorry for them. Excuses for their failures. Excuses for their rudeness, their nastiness. 

and as hard as this can be to accept, if you don’t cut your losses –

you will spend the rest of your life exhausted, drained, wasting your precious time, effort and energy.

I’ve spent way too much time investing these things in a multitude of people in my life over the years – and as a result of it I feel like I’ve spent years of my life in slow mo, doing absolutely nothing productive. I regret the time I wasted on people who had yet to learn respect for other people’s time and effort.

Cut your losses & don’t let people hold you down, even if you love them.

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