Having a shit day? Me too…

by Morganvsmorgan

Today, I had a pretty shitty morning. I wake up late, hurry to get ready (which i haaaate) and I’m late to leave my house and therefore have to put up with bad traffic. That’s mildly annoying until I realise that I had left my umbrella (yes, it was practically torrential rain) and a bunch of other stuff I needed, at home.

Wasnt too keen to sit out uni looking like this...

And I realise that when I’m halfway to university. Halfway of a 30 minute trip. So, I drive back, already frustrated, get into my house, pick up some stuff, attempt the drive again. Then, I realise that I, again, forgot the umbrella. So it’s back again, get the umbrella, compose myself and start the trip over for the third time. The traffic had now risen from irritatingly busy to “OMG WE ARE CRAWLING LIKE ANTS IM FEELING CLAUSTROPHOBIC SKAJHKAHSKJASH HATE EVERYBODY” level. Because of the traffic i can’t take the slightly illegal* (is there such thing as slightly legal? There are varying degrees of legal, right?) detour that will free me of the traffic early, so I go the longer way. Finally, I arrive at my destination and then walk the 10 minutes from my car to the university because of the roadworks . OH and, my phone was almost dead because the powerpoint the charger was connected to every night was off all night and I DIDNT EVEN KNOW. & then while trying to sympathy text my boyfriend I dropped it and the battery fell out and I had to wait for the crazy amount of time it takes for blackberry phones to start up.
People always say that when you have a bad day, you need to take stock of the things that are good about that day. Write a list or something. I’ve tried writing “Things I appreciate” lists when I’m pissed off-but by the end of the list, I’m generally angrily scrawling the following:

#7. I appreciate that im not a FUCK like all the other FUCKS I met today. FUCK.
I was being nice to myself when I gave that the example number of 7. I usually don’t make it to 7. Since “things I appreciate” lists only seem to work when I’m in a decent mood – I present to you a modified list I created for such purposes, filled out with today’s ‘appreciations’ :

1. Despite shitty traffic, torrential rain and a general loss of faith in other people’s driving abilities – I did not crash my car.
2. Although I had to take the longer route to my destination, this caused me to not perform a slightly illegal act while there was a police car right there. Which I did not see until I longingly stared into the illegal route wishing I was there. Being pulled over wouldve been shit.
3. Although my phone was dying while I was forcing my boyfriend to sympathy text me, it could have ACTUALLY died and then I wouldnt have gotten ANY sympathy until I sat down and wrote a depressing facebook status about it.
4. My phone didn’t break when I dropped it. It could have broken, in which case this post would be a bunch of pictures of me texting in public places and a eulogy written from the depths of my heart. Not that there’s heaps of photos of me texting in public places (but theres a few, shame) but i’d make it work.

Just a taste of the collection of photos....

So, if you’re having a bit of a shit day, share your list with me! Make me feel better about my own life….