Shades of Blue nail diy

by Morganvsmorgan

First of all, I guess I could’ve started this post with a bunch of inspirational pictures in blue tones that “inspired” this nail look, but to be honest I decided to paint my nails blue and as usual with my indecisive nature, I couldn’t choose which blue. So i used them all.

This DIY is so simple I didn’t take photos of the process (read: forgot to). I started with the shade closest to the cuticle, and just painted the amount of nail I wanted covered in that colour – yes, you could paint your whole nail but I chose not to for the following reasons:
//1.  waste of nailpolish! every bit counts when you’re a uni student  😉
// 2. Its faster & as far as I can tell doesn’t harm the design at all.
// 3. using less nailpolish means a smaller drying time AND I find that if I apply too many layers of nailpolish it never fully dries and chips easier (is this just me??)

ALSO I found this manicure is perfect for people who chip their nailpolish often! If you chip the end, as its a smaller area of that particular colour to fix, you can use a bit of nailpolish remover on a q-tip and just reapply the end, & it wont be dodgy!

nailpolish used:
base & top coat – Sally Hansen Double Duty strengthening base & top coat.
lightest blue Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Colour in “Blue Me Away!”
middle blue-Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Colour in “Pacific Blue”
darkest blue-
ORLY Nail Lacquer in “Blue Suede [matte]