autumn outfit – featuring the best shirt ever.

by Morganvsmorgan

I’m going to be honest here : I have an issue with weather. In my mind, there’s only Summer and Winter – hot and cold, and transition periods (which most normal people would refer to as ‘autumn’ & ‘winter’). But, as I’ve been informed, despite being grossly cold (or maybe just grossly cold for an Australian), it’s just autumn.

This is one of my favorite shirts. I picked it up at the Cobra Snake store in Hollywood one a trip there a year or so ago for about $15, and have been in love with it ever since. It has the most amazing back/shoulder/cuff detailing. The jacket in the first picture I picked up for $8 in a Melbourne market  months ago & didn’t wear it until now because I forgot it existed (time to edit my wardrobe, maybe?).

And of course, comfortable boots that I count as ‘flats’, and jeans because they were the warmest bottom-half clothing item I owned. & that’s my blackberry in my pocket because I can’t be without my phone ever, not even for 5 minutes while taking photos on self timer. Oh and of course, no makeup because that would involve getting out of bed 15 minutes earlier than I would otherwise have to. Not happening on a cold morning.

On a side note – I’m trying to figure out some things relating to the design/formatting of my blog – are these photos too large/take too long to load for anyone? Some constructive criticism would be very welcome! & if anyone’s doing any posts on winter outfits/how to dress when you just want to wrap your doona around you and strap it there with belts and go about your day – feel free to link me!