outfit post : patterned tights & new shoes

by Morganvsmorgan

Wore this on Tuesday to run some errands – had some issues getting dressed because the weather was forecasted to be 14 degrees celsius, which for me is really neither hot nor cold. I didn’t quite hit in on the mark and ended up SO hot under the jumper (which I didn’t think to wear anything under).

Had to go get a blood test done which freaked me out all morning before I got it done, but luckily the boyfriend came and held my hand/fed me lollies like a child and its all over now! I didn’t end up using the bag I’m holding – in the pictures its empty because I took them really quick before leaving for the bloodtest, and after the test my boyfriend was coming over and  I didn’t want him to watch me awkwardly taking photos of myself – which also explains why I took these at midday & got that little bit of sun-flare, but I hope it shows details well enough.

These are the new shoes I wore – they are not easy on the feet. I find walking in heels very natural, but these made the arches of my feet ache. On the upside, they cost me AU$60 at a massive sale at ZU (where I also bought 4 other pairs of shoes in one sitting – don’t judge) .

I’m always a little iffy about the idea of tights & shorts together – I feel like it can be very young teenager, when you’re not allowed to wear short shorts without tights underneath – but I think they didn’t come off that way here. These tights look a little better in the photo above than they do in person – The white applique is a little stretched and flaky (I did buy them for AU$5 in a ‘Joke Shop’) but they look good from a slight distance.

What do you guys think about tights & shorts? Does anyone else sometimes get that back-to-school vibe?