saving : how much I suck at it

by Morganvsmorgan

Can we just talk honestly for a second about my aparent incapability to stick to a budget??

About 10 weeks ago I decided to go on a shopping ban (self imposed in a strong moment, but highly encouraged by my boyfriend). Around 9 weeks ago, I failed.

Then I tried the $50 per week budget, not including an extra $80 for fortnightly petrol. That didn’t work out either. I ended up blowing that budget when I had to buy people’s birthday presents weeks in a row.

Can I illustrate this entire post in badly drawn Paint graphics? Yes, yes I can.

I think for some people, having a set amount of money they’re allowed to spend per week might be a good way to promote savings, but for me it just gives me an exuse to spend money every week.

When I think of the times in my life I’ve managed to save large amounts of money, its always been when I’ve just totally ignored my bank account. It seems that for me, the best tactic is to pretend I’m broke and only give myself the oppurtunity to spend money when there’s something I legitimately NEED to buy. Which I will then run by the boyfriend to make sure that it is a legitimate human need and not just something I spent two hours justifying in my head (“but everyone needs yellow heels in their life.”) Is it sad that I need to treat myself like a small child with their first piggy bank? Yes. Yes it is.

Admittedly, being a person interested in style and beauty, and perhaps even more so a person that blogs about it, makes it a bit harder for me to save. As community in blogging is important to me, I’m constantly checking out other people’s style and beauty blogs, and that often leads to finding new inspiration, which, creatively – is great, but financially? Not so much.Β  I’m constantly finding new things that I want to buy, which certainly doesn’t help to control my spending impulses.

So while I’ve accepted that I’m never going to stop wanting things and stop buying things, I’ve decided to try and resolve the issue by buying myself things as a reward system for things I want to get done: getting good marks in an assignment, or finishing a particularly hard one tot he best of my ability, or doing something I’m afraid of (like blood tests or getting a new job). The things I buy don’t have to be expensive, but hopefully by having them as rewards I’ll delay the spending and increase my productivity.

Time for YOU to weigh in: How do you save your money? Does your blog or hobby affect the way you save?