Things making me laugh #1

by Morganvsmorgan

A new (most likely fortnightly) addition to my blog, things making me laugh is all the things I’ve happened to come across on the internet lately that made me laugh (generally awkwardly because I tend to find these things in innapropriate situations like university lectures).

Also, I don’t want to be all like Tweet @ Me!! here, but – TWEET AT ME. I’m so lonely on twitter , I feel like I’m that kid at school who eats lunch all alone and pretends they’re reading when really theyre just wondering if the cool kids would let me sit with them if I just asked…..not that thats a thought process that goes through my mind often, or anything… (ps. @morganvsmorgan).
[Weirdly enough, I wrote the above a few days ago & as soon as I’d saved draft, the girls from Glam Devils followed me & I spent a good few seconds wondering if they were mind readers…]

Good segway, right- definetly hid the blatant cry of desperation for twitter followers. Or not, but either way I’m going to sleep easier at night thinking that it did.  Jake & Amir is the funniest webseries I have ever seen. This video is one of their older ones (2008), and believe me the newer ones are WAY better. Don’t watch them on youtube though,go here to collegehumor so you don’t miss any!

Moving on, here’s a post on The Thinking Gal’s valiant decision to trial the Raw Food diet and let us all know how awesome it is! It isnt awesome. But it is hilarious: so go here ! Oh, and her other shit is funny too.

Oh and here’s a banana cat.

If I found this in my fruit bowl I  think I’d cry for hours. In a good way though, the way I cried when I first watched this :

Or the way I’ve cried over it every single time since then. Including just now when I had to find it on youtube. BABY SLOTHS IN ONESIES, GUYS. BLOWING SPIT BUBBLES LIKE THEYRE BABIES. I cant even.

Good times.
If you know of anything reallllly funny or if you’ve written a funny post yourself, feel free to link me & I might feature it on next fortnight’s Things Making Me Laugh 😉