crisp shirt & structured wedges

by Morganvsmorgan

I wore this outfit about a week ago to get some errands done. I guess I have a tendency towards dress shirts & a more tailored look when I feel like I have to get things done.


Jacket- Jayjays. Bag- Sportsgirl. Jeans-Cotton On. Shirt-thrifted. Shoes- Zu Shoes

The bag is an envelope clutch I bought for $12 on sale from Sportsgirl. It was only JUST big enough to fit my essentials in for the day, but its nice to not lug around a big bag (filled with chocolate wrappers/ loose change) all the time.


I actually hated all of these photos when I took them. The lighting just didn’t seem to be working & these were the only decent shots I got, which is probably why I have my grumpy face on. Having said that, I prefer to only use a few shots anyways. There’s only so many angles you need to see of an outfit.


Closeup of the shoes- necessary to any outfit post, or at least any outfit post  featuring new shoes. Good that I’ve found a second use for this drum that sits in my room. Perfect pedestal. These shoes cost me $30 on sale from Zu Shoes. So happy with that bargain, especially since they’re leather upper. The friends who were with me at the time didn’t love these and advised me not to buy them, but I couldn’t resist…