This blog is the personal style blog of an 18 year old aussie chick on a student’s budget. This is for people who love style, diying everything your student’s budget can’t afford, or diying everything even if you can afford it out of some sort of stubborn need to prove your self worth, partying, not taking anything too seriously except for starwars, smoked salmon & garlic bread. This is for people who want to see inspiration pictures, outfit pictures, read the occasional intensely argued opinions of a girl on everything from kitten heels (SPEW EVERYWHERE) to social issues (SCREW YOU, “NICE GUYS”) and read the blog of a girl clearly less cool than them. This is for people who just love aesthetics. Clothes, beauty, art, film, interior decoration, lifestyle.  While this blog will never be an extensive source of information on any of these, it could serve as a source of inspiration instead.

Most importantly, if you ever have anything to say, comment or use the Contact tab above & converse with me – this blog is my way of connecting to other like minded and un-like minded people, and  I want to hear what you have to say too.

Lastly, this blog is called Morgan VS Morgan because of my strongest held belief that simultaneously, the most dangerous & most helpful person you will ever have in your life is yourself. There is noone with the power over yourself that you have; and finding a balance here is one of the great struggles of life that I’m still trying to conquer.

Over & Out sailors.