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Helping your loved ones – is it ALWAYS worth it?

Put it this way – everyone wants to help the ones they love. We want them to be happy, do the right thing, have a good life, and we are willing to put in massive amounts of time, effort and energy to make this happen. But sometimes we need to suck it up and accept the fact that some people don’t want to be helped. And if they don’t want to be helped, all your time, effort & energy means absolutely NOTHING.

Its not a nice realisation to come to that your loved one doesn’t want help. But some people want to be unhappy. Some people just want excuses to be unhappy.  Excuses to have people feel sorry for them. Excuses for their failures. Excuses for their rudeness, their nastiness. 

and as hard as this can be to accept, if you don’t cut your losses –

you will spend the rest of your life exhausted, drained, wasting your precious time, effort and energy.

I’ve spent way too much time investing these things in a multitude of people in my life over the years – and as a result of it I feel like I’ve spent years of my life in slow mo, doing absolutely nothing productive. I regret the time I wasted on people who had yet to learn respect for other people’s time and effort.

Cut your losses & don’t let people hold you down, even if you love them.

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Porcupine Phone

Now I’ll just be straight up & say I often get cravings for unnecessary, impractical (& if I’m really honest, just plain inconvenient) things. Currently I want a pet snake despite being
a) afraid of snakes,
b) not having a reptile licence
c) without anywhere to put it
d)in a house  with two cats & a dog.

& yet I still see it as being a legitimately happening future event- I can see myself getting hours of amusement out of just casually having it on my shoulder when my friends/the postman/sister’s friends visit and just pretending I didn’t notice it was there. But I digress.

Given the completely impractical nature of my pet dreams, when I decided I wanted a spiked phone case, no one was to surprised.  It’s certainly not a new idea-


[Clockwise starting at biggest picture : 1.via BleachBlack. 2. via Bubble Dreams. 3. via New taste Mag.]
The Bubble Dreams picture (number 2 ) was the first one I saw and the one that inspired me most to own a spiked phone case  –  I liked the random, messy placement of the spikes and the over the top rhinestones.

I’m not going to do a step by step diy- but honestly, you don’t need one. The case I used was a nice, thick, $1.00 silicone case from ebay. If you’re going to use studs, buy a silicone case and pierce it – don’t just glue the studs down. It’s messy, takes longer & is less secure. If you’re worried about the backs of the studs/spikes scratching your phone- cover the inside with something like electrical tape. I’ll be honest, I was so keen to get it on my phone that I didn’t bother.

I used screw-spikes, so the thicker backing meant I had to pre-pierce the silicone. A metal skewer would have been perfect for this, but I couldn’t find one so I used the thickest pin I could find.

For the studs, which have press down backs, a skewer would probably be too big, so I’d use a pin if you wanted to pre-pierce – but I ended up just pushing the backings through the silicone.

Pliers are probably a good idea just for pressing down the back of the studs, if you can get your hands on them. Depending on the stud you can press with your fingers/nails but it can get painful after a while.

Final product -I originally had rhinestones, ankh charms and bits of chain to attach, but decided I liked this more simplistic silver-on-black look as-is. I love this case. I love the confused look on people’s faces and the fact it can stand on its legs like a little creature (not intentional). In my opinion, it makes it nicer to hold, as I purposely left spaces between tall spikes for finger-grip.

tall spikes hurt if you sit on them/grab them too hard/rest them on your shoulder while engaging in a phone call…be careful with your phone!
2.  this case will not fit in your pocket, so use it on days when you have your whole bag with you.
3. I wouldn’t use this case in airports, or clubs, or anywhere where it could be seen as a weapon. Because honestly, it could do some damage.
4. I wouldn’t even use this while drunk – because knowing me, I’d probably KO myself.
5. if you’re too lazy to make one yourself – plenty of people are selling them! Bleachblack is supposedly selling their spiked case, & there’s plenty studded ones on ebay. google it – but be aware that most cater to the iphones specifically 😦

Let me know what you think of spiked phone cases & link me if you make one yourself!

xmas in october

Can we talk Christmas here for a minute? (Can i then illustrate this entire post with shitty paint drawings? Yes I can)

It's my crappily drawn diagram, if I want to draw myself with bigger tits I will, bitches.

Its a conversation had every year around this time – why are christmas decorations/ lollies/ wrapping paper already in stores by the start of October? Every year I hear at least one person confused as to why anyone would have use for christmas stock two months in advance. Surely noone is actually that organised. Admittedly, seeing people buying christmas stock around this time confuses me a little, and I tend to spend time thinking up any possible explanations. Do they have to post presents to a different country with a long delivery time? Legit. Do they just have a thing for certain christmas themed candy? Also legit; I doubt I’m the only hoarder of Creme Eggs come easter season. Do they decorate months early and have an entire christmas month? Not legit, but awesome. Decorate randomly one night just to confuse their children and dissapoint them just for kicks? Terrible. But hilarious.

Kinda like this, but perhaps with more consistency in characters IRL.

This is why I don’t have children.

However, I digress. I’m starting to think that maybe the people who buy this shit early know something I don’t know. Like maybe if I bought my presents for everyone early, I’d spend more time being excited for christmas (& my birthday, which happens to be on the same day) and less time running around stressed trying to get everything ready on time. Like if I had everything ready early I could spend more time with the family & friends, and not be freaking out about the massive amount of money spent in a small time period inconveniently just before the boxing day sales.


So this year, I’m starting trawling etsy for my mum, my sister & friends. Compiling my own wishlist early, including what I’m buying myself (self love, it’s legit) and the boyfriend/brother & dad (seriously though, why are boys so hard to shop for?!) & taking the stress out of what should just be a fun, ridiculous holiday month.

There’ll be a few xmas posts coming up – gift ideas I’ve come across searching for my xmas haul(if you’re even more shit at present buying than I am; in which case HAHAHA. sorry.) & a post regarding whether wearing novelty xmas items is appropriate (spoiler : IT IS. fuck  THA haterzzz!!!1) .

Over & Out.

The Lazy Man’s T-shirt diy

This is how I get boys.....

Lets start off with the catalyst for the last however-many-hours spent on my floor, clutching scissors and scraps of t-shirt. I hate the gap in design and affordability between women’s and men’s shirts. I hate when you see a design on a men’s shirt that you can’t for a female. I’m the type of person who when faced with an issue like this  defiantly mumbles excuses as to why I should buy it anyways….. I could make it work….tailor it….I could cut the pattern out and attach it to something else – I could one day outfit a male in impeccable style- I could one day become a male as a result of a freak accident and would therefore appreciate past-me’s thoughtful purchases....Whatever. I buy the shirts.

So this is for other like-minded females, or males with shirts too big or not bad-ass enough for them (or any other genders, they wear shirts too) : a small collection of shirts I’ve butchered in the simplest and laziest, no-sewing-necessary way.

Firstly, the fringe- cut shirt $5, Cotton On Mens:
 Takes a little bit longer than just hacking off the bottom, but gives extra interest, & is more fun to twirl in. You could  use a ruler to mark out points to cut for perfectly equal strips – but thats not the point of a lazy diy. Just cut in straight lines. If you don’t like the wider ends at the bottom, cut off the hem first.  Easy like your sister. I’m sorry, rude.

The old school t shirt. $3, thrift store. I bought this in a thrift store months ago for its gaudy but somehow really pretty raised fabric-paint design. As a bigger shirt, it was awkward fitting but as a crop cut it manages to be a bit cute. I’m keeping the sleeves full length because they’re reminiscent of a child’s shirt that way; even cuter. A simple hack job goes a long way.

Two more simple hack jobs – a guy’s transformers shirt (Jayjays, $5) I bought for the design, and a Joe’s Crab Shack charity t-shirt ($10) bought while on a family holiday in America. Both now cut at the perfect length to just show off a tiny bit of skin between hips and waist.

Two more guy’s shirts awaiting renovation…both $5 Cotton on Mens. Shopping guy’s tees is wayyyy wayyy cheaper….

nails on a tuesday morning

Got bored of my minimalist streak of one-coloured nails, but still wanted something simple, sleek & easy to maintain.

Fairly easy to create – I used Sephora Ultra Brilliance Top Coat as a base coat, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nailpolish in “Bamboo Shoot” as the base nude colour – it’s the perfect nude colour for my skintone; it’s slightly pink toned & offsets my olive undertones. I then mattified it with Essie “Matte about you” mattifying top coat. I used Ulta3 nailpolish in “Envy” for the gold – a $2 pharmacy nailpolish, its a really pretty silver-rose gold blend; Painting it to just over half the nail, trying to make the line as straight as possible. For the black line to neaten it up and also stop it looking as though my nailpolish was just ‘growing out’ from a distance, I used L.A Colours Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer in Black’. It’s a thinner nailpolish with a tiny brush, but you can just buy thin nail art brushes ridiculously cheap off ebay, or use a toothpick or even a bent out of shape bobby pin/paperclip depending on the design.

Notes: I swear by topcoats in keeping your nailpolish lasting longer, but since half the design was matte I didn’t use one here. If you can’t use a topcoat, trying to extend the nailpolish under the tip of your nail, and doing thin layers of nailpolish and letting them dry in between should make your nailpolish last longer. I always do my nails while typing assignments/doing research/messing around online because I can let my nails dry for a long time between coats & not get bored or be wasting alot of time.

Nice meeting you.

My name is Morgan.

I’m 18, & study psychology & linguistics at uni. I love style & design, reading & dancing. I find swearing amusing when I write it, & I have noooo idea why I have such an immature reaction to it. I do alot of weird shit, & if you then multiply the weird shit I do by 10, thats about how many times I think weird shit and dont  follow through with it. You’ll see what I mean soon enough I’m sure.

Also, this is my favourite photo of me; which incidentally has nothing at all to do with how I look in it :

Future Husband

Thats right, I’m getting cuddly with a  stormtrooper. Highly recommended.

I hear keeping it short + sweet gets bitches. On it.