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crisp shirt & structured wedges

I wore this outfit about a week ago to get some errands done. I guess I have a tendency towards dress shirts & a more tailored look when I feel like I have to get things done.


Jacket- Jayjays. Bag- Sportsgirl. Jeans-Cotton On. Shirt-thrifted. Shoes- Zu Shoes

The bag is an envelope clutch I bought for $12 on sale from Sportsgirl. It was only JUST big enough to fit my essentials in for the day, but its nice to not lug around a big bag (filled with chocolate wrappers/ loose change) all the time.


I actually hated all of these photos when I took them. The lighting just didn’t seem to be working & these were the only decent shots I got, which is probably why I have my grumpy face on. Having said that, I prefer to only use a few shots anyways. There’s only so many angles you need to see of an outfit.


Closeup of the shoes- necessary to any outfit post, or at least any outfit post¬† featuring new shoes. Good that I’ve found a second use for this drum that sits in my room. Perfect pedestal. These shoes cost me $30 on sale from Zu Shoes. So happy with that bargain, especially since they’re leather upper. The friends who were with me at the time didn’t love these and advised me not to buy them, but I couldn’t resist…


Things making me laugh #1

A new (most likely fortnightly) addition to my blog, things making me laugh is all the things I’ve happened to come across on the internet lately that made me laugh (generally awkwardly because I tend to find these things in innapropriate situations like university lectures).

Also, I don’t want to be all like Tweet @ Me!! here, but – TWEET AT ME. I’m so lonely on twitter , I feel like I’m that kid at school who eats lunch all alone and pretends they’re reading when really theyre just wondering if the cool kids would let me sit with them if I just asked…..not that thats a thought process that goes through my mind often, or anything… (ps. @morganvsmorgan).
[Weirdly enough, I wrote the above a few days ago & as soon as I’d saved draft, the girls from Glam Devils followed me & I spent a good few seconds wondering if they were mind readers…]

Good segway, right- definetly hid the blatant cry of desperation for twitter followers. Or not, but either way I’m going to sleep easier at night thinking that it did.¬† Jake & Amir is the funniest webseries I have ever seen. This video is one of their older ones (2008), and believe me the newer ones are WAY better. Don’t watch them on youtube though,go here to collegehumor so you don’t miss any!

Moving on, here’s a post on The Thinking Gal’s valiant decision to trial the Raw Food diet and let us all know how awesome it is! It isnt awesome. But it is hilarious: so go here ! Oh, and her other shit is funny too.

Oh and here’s a banana cat.

If I found this in my fruit bowl I¬† think I’d cry for hours. In a good way though, the way I cried when I first watched this :

Or the way I’ve cried over it every single time since then. Including just now when I had to find it on youtube. BABY SLOTHS IN ONESIES, GUYS. BLOWING SPIT BUBBLES LIKE THEYRE BABIES. I cant even.

Good times.
If you know of anything reallllly funny or if you’ve written a funny post yourself, feel free to link me & I might feature it on next fortnight’s Things Making Me Laugh ūüėČ

saving : how much I suck at it

Can we just talk honestly for a second about my aparent incapability to stick to a budget??

About 10 weeks ago I decided to go on a shopping ban (self imposed in a strong moment, but highly encouraged by my boyfriend). Around 9 weeks ago, I failed.

Then I tried the $50 per week budget, not including an extra $80 for fortnightly petrol. That didn’t work out either. I ended up blowing that budget when I had to buy people’s birthday presents weeks in a row.

Can I illustrate this entire post in badly drawn Paint graphics? Yes, yes I can.

I think for some people, having a set amount of money they’re allowed to spend per week might be a good way to promote savings, but for me it just gives me an exuse to spend money every week.

When I think of the times in my life I’ve managed to save large amounts of money, its always been when I’ve just totally ignored my bank account. It seems that for me, the best tactic is to pretend I’m broke and only give myself the oppurtunity to spend money when there’s something I legitimately NEED to buy. Which I will then run by the boyfriend to make sure that it is a legitimate human need and not just something I spent two hours justifying in my head (“but everyone needs yellow heels in their life.”) Is it sad that I need to treat myself like a small child with their first piggy bank? Yes. Yes it is.

Admittedly, being a person interested in style and beauty, and perhaps even more so a person that blogs about it, makes it a bit harder for me to save. As community in blogging is important to me, I’m constantly checking out other people’s style and beauty blogs, and that often leads to finding new inspiration, which, creatively – is great, but financially? Not so much.¬† I’m constantly finding new things that I want to buy, which certainly doesn’t help to control my spending impulses.

So while I’ve accepted that I’m never going to stop wanting things and stop buying things, I’ve decided to try and resolve the issue by buying myself things as a reward system for things I want to get done: getting good marks in an assignment, or finishing a particularly hard one tot he best of my ability, or doing something I’m afraid of (like blood tests or getting a new job). The things I buy don’t have to be expensive, but hopefully by having them as rewards I’ll delay the spending and increase my productivity.

Time for YOU to weigh in: How do you save your money? Does your blog or hobby affect the way you save?

outfit post : patterned tights & new shoes

Wore this on Tuesday to run some errands – had some issues getting dressed because the weather was forecasted to be 14 degrees celsius, which for me is really neither hot nor cold. I didn’t quite hit in on the mark and ended up SO hot under the jumper (which I didn’t think to wear anything under).

Had to go get a blood test done which freaked me out all morning before I got it done, but luckily the boyfriend came and held my hand/fed me lollies like a child and its all over now! I didn’t end up using the bag I’m holding – in the pictures its empty because I took them really quick before leaving for the bloodtest, and after the test my boyfriend was coming over and¬† I didn’t want him to watch me awkwardly taking photos of myself – which also explains why I took these at midday & got that little bit of sun-flare, but I hope it shows details well enough.

These are the new shoes I wore – they are not easy on the feet. I find walking in heels very natural, but these made the arches of my feet ache. On the upside, they cost me AU$60 at a massive sale at ZU (where I also bought 4 other pairs of shoes in one sitting – don’t judge) .

I’m always a little iffy about the idea of tights & shorts together – I feel like it can be very young teenager, when you’re not allowed to wear short shorts without tights underneath – but I think they didn’t come off that way here. These tights look a little better in the photo above than they do in person – The white applique is a little stretched and flaky (I did buy them for AU$5 in a ‘Joke Shop’) but they look good from a slight distance.

What do you guys think about tights & shorts? Does anyone else sometimes get that back-to-school vibe?

autumn outfit – featuring the best shirt ever.

I’m going to be honest here : I have an issue with weather. In my mind, there’s only Summer and Winter – hot and cold, and transition periods (which most normal people would refer to as ‘autumn’ & ‘winter’). But, as I’ve been informed, despite being grossly cold (or maybe just grossly cold for an Australian), it’s just autumn.

This is one of my favorite shirts. I picked it up at the Cobra Snake store in Hollywood one a trip there a year or so ago for about $15, and have been in love with it ever since. It has the most amazing back/shoulder/cuff detailing. The jacket in the first picture I picked up for $8 in a Melbourne market¬† months ago & didn’t wear it until now because I forgot it existed (time to edit my wardrobe, maybe?).

And of course, comfortable boots that I count as ‘flats’, and jeans because they were the warmest bottom-half clothing item I owned. & that’s my blackberry in my pocket because I can’t be without my phone ever, not even for 5 minutes while taking photos on self timer. Oh and of course, no makeup because that would involve getting out of bed 15 minutes earlier than I would otherwise have to. Not happening on a cold morning.

On a side note – I’m trying to figure out some things relating to the design/formatting of my blog – are these photos too large/take too long to load for anyone? Some constructive criticism would be very welcome! & if anyone’s doing any posts on winter outfits/how to dress when you just want to wrap your doona around you and strap it there with belts and go about your day – feel free to link me!

Shades of Blue nail diy

First of all, I guess I could’ve started this post with a bunch of inspirational pictures in blue tones that “inspired” this nail look, but to be honest I decided to paint my nails blue and as usual with my indecisive nature, I couldn’t choose which blue. So i used them all.

This DIY is so simple I didn’t take photos of the process (read: forgot to). I started with the shade closest to the cuticle, and just painted the amount of nail I wanted covered in that colour – yes, you could paint your whole nail but I chose not to for the following reasons:
//1.¬† waste of nailpolish! every bit counts when you’re a uni student¬† ūüėČ
// 2. Its faster & as far as I can tell doesn’t harm the design at all.
// 3. using less nailpolish means a smaller drying time AND I find that if I apply too many layers of nailpolish it never fully dries and chips easier (is this just me??)

ALSO I found this manicure is perfect for people who chip their nailpolish often! If you chip the end, as its a smaller area of that particular colour to fix, you can use a bit of nailpolish remover on a q-tip and just reapply the end, & it wont be dodgy!

nailpolish used:
base & top coat – Sally Hansen Double Duty strengthening base & top coat.
lightest blue Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Colour in “Blue Me Away!”
middle blue-Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Colour in “Pacific Blue”
darkest blue-
ORLY Nail Lacquer in “Blue Suede [matte]

Having a shit day? Me too…

Today, I had a pretty shitty morning. I wake up late, hurry to get ready (which i haaaate) and I’m late to leave my house and therefore have to put up with bad traffic. That’s mildly annoying until I realise that I had left my umbrella (yes, it was practically torrential rain) and a bunch of other stuff I needed, at home.

Wasnt too keen to sit out uni looking like this...

And I realise that when I’m halfway to university. Halfway of a 30 minute trip. So, I drive back, already frustrated, get into my house, pick up some stuff, attempt the drive again. Then, I realise that I, again, forgot the umbrella. So it’s back again, get the umbrella, compose myself and start the trip over for the third time. The traffic had now risen from irritatingly busy to “OMG WE ARE CRAWLING LIKE ANTS IM FEELING CLAUSTROPHOBIC SKAJHKAHSKJASH HATE EVERYBODY” level. Because of the traffic i can’t take the slightly illegal* (is there such thing as slightly legal? There are varying degrees of legal, right?) detour that will free me of the traffic early, so I go the longer way. Finally, I arrive at my destination and then walk the 10 minutes from my car to the university because of the roadworks . OH and, my phone was almost dead because the powerpoint the charger was connected to every night was off all night and I DIDNT EVEN KNOW. & then while trying to sympathy text my boyfriend I dropped it and the battery fell out and I had to wait for the crazy amount of time it takes for blackberry phones to start up.
People always say that when you have a bad day, you need to take stock of the things that are good about that day. Write a list or something. I’ve tried writing “Things I appreciate” lists when I’m pissed off-but by the end of the list, I’m generally angrily scrawling the following:

#7. I appreciate that im not a FUCK like all the other FUCKS I met today. FUCK.
I was being nice to myself when I gave that the example number of 7. I usually don’t make it to 7. Since “things I appreciate” lists only seem to work when I’m in a decent mood – I present to you a modified list I created for such purposes, filled out with today’s ‘appreciations’ :

1. Despite shitty traffic, torrential rain and a general loss of faith in other people’s driving abilities – I did not crash my car.
2. Although I had to take the longer route to my destination, this caused me to not perform a slightly illegal act while there was a police car right there. Which I did not see until I longingly stared into the illegal route wishing I was there. Being pulled over wouldve been shit.
3. Although my phone was dying while I was forcing my boyfriend to sympathy text me, it could have ACTUALLY died and then I wouldnt have gotten ANY sympathy until I sat down and wrote a depressing facebook status about it.
4. My phone didn’t break when I dropped it. It could have broken, in which case this post would be a bunch of pictures of me texting in public places and a eulogy written from the depths of my heart. Not that there’s heaps of photos of me texting in public places (but theres a few, shame) but i’d make it work.

Just a taste of the collection of photos....

So, if you’re having a bit of a shit day, share your list with me! Make me feel better about my own life….

Wore this dress on V day. Cost me $15 at Valleygirl, which I thought was a nice deal until it fell apart yesterday ūüė¶ Literally, seams everywhere are coming undone and fraying to a point where its unfixable. This is the first time this has happened to me and I can’t bear to throw it out. I only had it for two months….

I love how ridiculously serious I look in that second photo, especially considering I’m taking these photos in my backyard. Supermodel moment hahahaha.




FASHION TRENDS I HATE #1 – Drop crotch pants

I’m pretty sure anyone who holds an interest in fashion has at least a few trends that they’ve absolutely hated. Let’s just be honest about it – who amongst us hasn’t made that scrunched up kid-face when confronted with every store selling variations of a piece of clothing that’s definetly NOT made for the masses. Its just something that I, in my 18 years of infinite wisdom hold to be a fact – some clothes need a special type of person to wear & stop the clothes from wearing them. Let’s discuss:

¬†Drop crotch pants. Or for that matter, any other kind of pants that can make you look like you’ve taken a shit while strolling along the street.
Dropcrotch pants are a MINEFIELD OF DISASTER WAITING TO HAPPEN. They are for the bold and style drenched. Do not think this is me bragging here – I don’t even think I could pull them off. Let’s just think here:
1.¬†People who pass by are forced to wonder whether you took a shit that is weighing down your pants. Seriously guys, sometimes that’s what it looks like.

Diaper jeans. In this day & age, going to a bathroom to do your business is an unnecessary hassle.


3. You suddenly find you have a really long crotch region.

Sexy Party Trick! Without the Sexy. Or the party. Probably everyone's just staring at you wondering if that's normal.

I mean – I give credit when credit is deserved; and there are some people who can work the dropped crotch – given the actual drop crotched pant is a decent one ¬†(there’s a post in itself – logistics: what makes a¬†good¬†dropcrotch pant) . There are¬†some people who can pull it off.

Like this girl.

Oh, and probably all Swedish people. ¬†Seriously. There’s something in the water there.